Aurora Bazaar - High Resolution - Version 1

Raelle Westwood gave up on family after an accident shattered hers years ago. She lived her life with one goal: to remain unattached to other people. Everything changed one fateful day when she joined the famed Aurora Bazaar, sending her on a journey to find her estranged grandmother and the answers she’d been searching for.

When Talon Finch discovered Raelle joined the traveling bazaar, she did everything in her power to get to her. Raelle found herself in a worst-case situation: needing to trust and rely on other people. Much to her surprise, she formed relationships with them and discovered a new family.

When she finally came face to face with Talon, Raelle was forced to confront her past, reliving the night that changed her life. She’s terrified the truth will come out. That her new found family will find out who she really is.

Will they still trust her when they discover the truth?

How far will she go to protect them?